Voice for Voiceless
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Afzal Abad, Central Jail Road, Haripur, KPK, Pakistan														(C) Human Development Organization


As the violation of human rights especially denial of rights of women, children and those of incarcerators, detention related abuses, gender based violence, discrimination and infringing civil liberties is a phenomenon most common in our society, a highly motivated group of human rights defenders with diverse career background founded Human Development Organization (HDO) on December 10, 2004, the World Human Rights Day. It was formally registered as right based, not-for profit, non-religious and non-governmental entity under Joint Stock Companies & Societies Act KPK vide No, 1308/5/3652 August 05, 2005.

HDO’s Philosophy

The philosophy behind HDO’s establishment is to empower the marginalized groups especially women, children and detainees through multi disciplinary approach: psycho-physical and economic rehabilitation of torture/violence survivors, reintegrating them in society with enhanced self esteem and social responsibilities through the tools of education, economic skills and capacity building about their rights enshrined in domestic and international instruments of human rights. 

“Poverty was my crime that has shattered my life-disintegrated the whole family-my children for whom I chose to become criminal are nowhere around me” <<<Read More>>>

“It was such a barbaric treatment that obsessed me completely with fear of death- I thought it’s the last moment of my life- they would kill me now” <<<Read More>>>

“I want to bury bitter memories because I cannot move against the tide-I cannot take the powerful police men to justice- what I have in my mind is only to start my life afresh” Read More>>>

“I would have killed myself had HDO not helped me recovering from the trauma of facing inhuman and degraded punishment” <<<Read More>>>